What People Are Saying

“Hundreds of thousands of electric utility customers in California are paying more than they should to cover the cost of power purchased for other customers. These extra costs are hurting low-income, minority and working families who can least afford higher bills.”

Dave Rodriguez, President, California League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

“Energy choice can be a good thing, but not if it benefits some customers at the expense of others. No electricity customer should pay for power purchased for someone else – particularly those already struggling to make ends meet.”

Eric Harris, Legislative Advocate, NAACP California

“…some customers who now receive power through an alternative energy provider like CCAs may on average only pay roughly 65 percent of the cost of clean energy that was purchased on their behalf. As a result, many electricity customers, including seniors, are paying not only for power purchased on their behalf, but also for power that was purchased for customers now receiving power from CCAs.”

Gary Passmore, President, Congress of California Seniors

“More and more customers will be served by the growing number of CCAs, so the longer it takes for these regulations to be fixed, the higher the cost will grow for customers that remain with their utility.”

Pilar Pinel, Founder/President, Embracing Latina Leadership Alliance

“Minority businesses and minority communities, especially those in more economically vulnerable areas of the state, should not be left behind by lapses in regulations. We support the state’s transition to renewable energy. It’s up to the legislature and regulators to make sure that we all share equitably in the costs of clean energy and other contracts purchased to clean our air.”

Pat Fong Kushida, President & CEO, CalAsian Chamber of Commerce

“Unless something is done, as more consumers choose alternative energy providers, the inequitable cost burden will continue to grow. Fewer remaining utility customers will be paying an increasingly higher cost for power purchased for others, which will impact the pocketbooks of small businesses and families alike.”

Betty Jo Toccoli, President, California Small Business Association