Press Release: Diverse Coalition Urges CPUC to Make Additional Changes to Proposal Reforming Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)

Senior, low-income, business, veterans’ and other groups once again reminded the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that protecting electricity customers from cost-shifts associated with alternative energy providers and Community Choice Aggregators (CCA) is not only required by law but key to the long-term viability of customer choice.

Members of Equitable Energy Choice for California (EECC) today submitted a letter to CPUC Commissioners ahead of their anticipated meeting on September 27th to vote on two proposals to reform the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA).

“We appreciate the CPUC taking steps to reform the PCIA because choice for an essential service, like electricity, should not create winners and losers,” said Julian Cañete, President and CEO of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. “Progress has been made, but modifications are needed prior to the vote, to ensure all electricity customers, regardless of who provides their power, pay equitably for past and future investments in clean energy and system reliability.”

The letter urges Commissioners to reject the Proposed Decision because it completely fails to protect customers who buy power from investor owned utilities (IOUs) from cost-shifts.  The letter acknowledges significant improvements in the Alternate Decision, offered by Commissioner Peterman, but says modifications providing more clarity is needed for all customers, and that the proposed cap on rates for CCA customers should be removed because it will result in increases costs for all electricity customers.

“More choices and energy providers are a good thing if they result in innovation and lower costs,” added Gary Passmore, President of Congress of California Seniors. “But if lower costs for some customers are achieved by shifting costs to other customers, that is not a legitimately competitive market. No electricity customer, particularly those who are already struggling to make ends meet, should be forced to pay extra in their bills for clean energy and system reliability investments made on behalf of other customers,” concluded Passmore.

The EECC coalition urges Commissioners to make final modifications to the Alternate Decision and vote to stop the cost-shifts.  As our energy market continues to change and more customers buy power from CCAs and other alternative energy providers, it is critical that we get this right.

EECC was formed last year to support regulatory and policy changes to ensure electricity customers who buy power from IOUs are not paying more than their share for clean energy and other power purchased for customers now being served by CCAs and other energy providers.

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