August 22, 2017

California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

RE: CPUC Proceeding on the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)

Dear Commissioners,

We appreciate the CPUC is taking steps to ensure that the costs of investments made in clean energy and other resources are being equitably shared by all customers. As more customers purchase power from sources other than their utility, it is important that customers who may not have alternative options available, or those who opt to continue purchasing power from their utility, are not paying for power purchased for others.

Unfortunately, that is not the case today. Despite current laws intended to protect customers, the mechanism currently in place – often referred to as the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) – is not working. We understand that, in some areas, customers who now receive power through an alternative energy provider have on average paid roughly 65% of the cost of renewable and other resources that were purchased on their behalf. In some instances, remaining utility customers could end up paying roughly $150 extra per year to pay for power purchased for others. In all cases, as more alternative energy providers form, there are going to be fewer remaining utility customers left paying an increasing cost for power purchased for others.

Over time, more customers are expected to have more choices, so failure to reform the PCIA means a diminishing number of customers will be paying increasingly more for the long-term renewable and other resources that are helping California achieve its clean energy and climate goals.

To ensure that the move to more customer choice is both sustainable and equitable, the CPUC should modify the PCIA to ensure that all customers contribute equitably to the costs of investments made on their behalf.

As you deliberate changes to the PCIA, our organizations urge the Commission to make these changes as quickly and fairly as possible.


Dave Rodriguez, State President
California League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

Gary Passmore, President
Congress of California Seniors

Ruben Barrales, President
Latino Leadership & Policy Forum

Pat Fong Kushida, President & CEO
CalAsian Chamber of Commerce

Harry C. Alford, President & CEO
National Black Chamber of Commerce

Ron Gonzales, President & CEO
Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

Pilar Pinel, Founder & CEO
Embracing Latina Leadership AllianceS

David Vasquez, External Affairs Manager
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ronald O. Nichols, President
Southern California Edison

Rashell Brobst, CEO
Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley

Gary McDonald, Executive Director
Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center

Jackie Flin, Executive Director
A. Philip Randolph Institute San Francisco

Greg McKee, CEO

Julian Canete, President & CEO
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

Jill Buck, CEO & Founder*
Go Green Initiative

Blong Xiong, Chair
Asian Business Institute & Resource Center

John A. Coleman, CEO
Bay Planning Coalition

Sean Karafin, Vice President,
Policy & Economic Research San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

Monica Couture, CEO
Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce

Steve Van Dorn, President & CEO
Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce

Scott Ashton, CEO
Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Jay Hoyer, President & CEO
Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau

Mariko Kalin, Executive Director
Pacific Asian Counseling Services

Pansin Chanou, Chairman
Cambodia Town, Inc.

Alice Lei, Founder
Asian Women Entrepreneurs

Tom Dalzell, President
Coalition of California Utility Employees

Alice Huffman, President
California State Conference NAACP

Aubry Stone, President & CEO
California Black Chamber of Commerce

Patricia Gardner, CEO
Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits

Betty Jo Toccoli, President
California Small Business Association

Edwin T. Tan, Ph.D., Director of Advocacy and Development
Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Jeremy Tobias, CEO
Community Action Partnership of Kern

Gregory McConnell, President & CEO
Jobs and Housing Coalition

Caroline Winn, COO
San Diego Gas & Electric

Brenda Ratliff, Executive Director
Volunteer Center of Kern County

Steve Malnight, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Policy
Pacific Gas & Electric

Gary Toebben, President & CEO
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

John Kehoe, President & Board Founder
California Senior Advocates League

Scott Raty, President & CEO
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

Robert V. McDonald, President & CEO
Black Chamber of Orange County

Gia Ly
Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce

Rex Hime, President & CEO
California Business Properties Association

Dale Eldridge Kaye, CEO
Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

Scott Raty, President & CEO
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

Bret Schanzenbach, CEO
Vista Chamber of Commerce

Michael Turnipseed, Executive Director
Kern Taxpayers Association

Jason Wells, Executive Director
San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce

Valerie Boyle, President & CEO
Newark Chamber of Commerce

Shelley Despotakis, President
Danville Area Chamber of Commerce

Jacqueline Reynoso
National City Chamber of Commerce

*Indicates a personal endorsement. Title and organization are listed for identification purposes only.

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